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Cormorant Restaurant interior

Breakfast Menu                                                          £12.50

From  the  Buffet:

fruit juices -  fresh fruit  - cereals -  yoghurt - honey 


Made  to  Order 

Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon

 3 poached Eggs on toasted bloomer

Eggs Benedict:  parma ham, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce on a muffin
or Eggs Florentine: as above, Spinach instead of Ham  

American style Pancakes, with either :- 
bacon & maple syrup
creme fraiche & berry compote
apple & pear compote
banana & hazelnut sauce 

Kipper, served with brown bread & butter

Our local Butcher's bacon & award-winning sausage, fried egg, mushroom, tomato

Bacon Sandwich on toasted Bloomer

French Toast with Banana & hazelnut spread, honey yoghurt

all eggs are free-range

 Side orders


warm Croissant

freshly  brewed  Coffee,  or a choice of teas

Chef's Granola Bar & mango yoghurt  £2

porridge, with fruit compote & cream  £2

Specialty Coffees: cappuccino,  americano,  espresso   £2.50  
latte £3




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