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Holidays can often be stressful, even when you have planned for a relaxing time. You may get stuck in traffic on the way, have forgotten to pack an essential item, or it rains the whole time you are expecting the sun. For couples' holidays, it is usually these little things that can cause the most stress, leading up to bigger arguments and make the holiday turn out for the worst.

Wine glasses belonging to couple on holiday

Our boutique hotel, Fowey, is the perfect place for a couples holiday in Cornwall. The kids and summer crowds are gone due to the end of the summer holidays, so the time to book a couples break is now. An easy way to prevent the stress and turn your getaway into holiday heaven is with these simple tips.

Keep it simple

For new couples, keeping it simple for your first holiday is important. Diving in with a two-week break at an exotic destination abroad could be a mistake, so instead, opt for a simple short weekend break in Cornwall. That way you can experience the 24/7 company, but for a much shorter time and still be in the familiar territory of the UK.

Use your partner's strengths

During the planning process for your holiday, play to each other's strengths. Don't argue about who does, just take a moment to think about your partner's talents and use it to your advantage. For example, if you are more organised, you book the hotel and if your partner prefers to navigate, let them take charge of the journey there.

Research the destination

It is all well and good having a snap decision weekend break, but that could mean you end up arguing about what to do with your time when you arrive. Think it through a bit first and research the desired destination, finding out what there is to do. In the Fowey area of Cornwall, there are beaches, coastal walks and historical places to explore.

Don't pack in your schedule

If you pack your schedule too tight, you will end up feeling that the holiday isn't as relaxing as you hope, especially if you are dashing about from one attraction and activity to another. It is best to have a few ideas of what to do, but generally 'go with the flow' as opposed to a rigid timetable.


There should be no leader on a couples holiday, no matter who planned it (unless it was a surprise holiday). Therefore, all the decisions should be joint. One day can be a day of activities decided upon by one person; the next day are the activities of the other. Finding a compromise on the activities will help the holiday go a lot smoother.

Don't go heavy on drink

Older couples may not need to consider this tip, but for younger couples in can help your weekend break be a lot more enjoyable. You may be tempted to try as much wine on the menu as you can, or try plenty of delicious cocktails, but it can catch up with you in the morning. What should be a relaxed morning could be tainted with alcohol, leaving you tired and irritable. The best solution is to drink in moderation, keeping things light and relaxed, so there is no risk of a dreaded holiday hangover.

Don't place blame

If a crisis occurs on your lovely, romantic getaway, the first person to get angry at is often your partner. However, it is important to take a few deep breaths and think before immediately placing blame. Before you start moaning, just stay calm and think about how the situation can be solved. Placing blame will not make the crisis go away, and will just cause friction.

Set budget rules

Money can be a touchy subject, especially on holidays, so it is best to set the ground rules early. Are you going to each put forward the same amount then have a daily budget? Or are you going to pay for it yourself? If one person wants to share, but another does not, you could face problems. It is often best to combine money for holidays or take it in turn to pay for meals and drinks.

Are you planning a couple's holiday soon? Book a room with a river-view now and have your own stress-free getaway!

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