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People who take regular short-breaks and weekend breaks hold the key to happy holidaying. Research has shown that Brits who forgo the big annual summer holiday in favour of short breaks throughout the year, tend to seek out exciting travel experiences over material possessions.

Couple on a weekend break in Cornwall

We have to agree that a weekend break can be as refreshing and exciting as a long trip away, and for those seeking a New Year break, look no further than our hotel in Fowey area. Not only are we hosting a murder mystery night on New Years' Eve, but Cornwall is a delightful place to head to for just a few days!

If you are not a regular weekend breaker, these points will hopefully convince you that a weekend break is exactly what you and your loved one need - especially after the rush of Christmas!

Unplug Yourself From The Digital World

If you have a busy work life, constantly staring at a computer screen, receiving hundreds of emails every day, and your phone buzzing every couple of minutes, a weekend break is just for you. Turn off the notifications, or leave your work phone at home, and unplug from the digital world. A weekend break is short enough that you won't miss anything important but long enough that you have time to have a short detox and feel refreshed to head back to work with a clear head.

Discover Something New

The UK is a small country, which means you only need to travel for a couple of hours to find something new. Whether you want to visit the coast, head deep into the countryside, lose yourself in a bustling city or be adventurous in the mountains, the UK has it all. Cornwall, in particular, can always offer something new, and you are sure to discover a different part of the county on each visit. You may want to walk the beautiful coastal path, try gourmet food or learn some history on a weekend away, and you do all that and more in Cornwall, all the while enjoying the luxury of our boutique hotel.

Recharge Your Energy

Our working lives take up so much of our time, and while the routine is familiar and even comfortable, taking a break from it is a great way to recharge. You may even find yourself gaining new interests and a new lease of life when you take regular weekend breaks. Stepping away from your usual everyday surroundings for a short time has so many benefits, physically and mentally. You will head back to work the next Monday with so much more energy and a spring in your step!

Pack Everything In

There are different types of weekend breaks, and while sometimes a spa break is ideal - getting pampered and relaxing so much you could sleep for a year, packing everything in can be just as fun and rejuvenating. A few days in a new destination requires you to fit in as much as you can. This means you are more likely to see not just the popular attractions, but also the hidden gems of the area. Cornwall has plenty of both, and cramming in lots of activities can even make a weekend break feel much longer. The downside will be you require another break to recharge from a busy one!

Keep Packing Minimal

One of the more stressful parts of holidays is packing for them. A short weekend break can help you reduce what you take, and the more you have weekends away, the better you get at packing for them! Of course, different times of the year lend themselves to packing light or heavy (and waterproofs are always a necessity in the UK!). However, packing efficiently for a few days away will help you know what is essential if you ever splash out on a longer holiday!

Spontaneity is Freeing

Long holidays take some time planning, even if you do book last minute, but weekend breaks can be very spontaneous! You can decide on Monday you want to go away for the weekend, have somewhere booked by Wednesday and heading to your boutique hotel on Friday evening! And like we mentioned above, nothing in the UK is too far away, so it can take even less time than a week to plan. Being spontaneous is very freeing, especially if you have a rigid work timetable. What's more, a surprise weekend away can be seen as very romantic to your partner - and a lovely treat for the both of you!

Easy on the Wallet

Understandably, short breaks are cheaper than long holidays as you are paying less for a nights accommodation. You also don't need to go as far, making travel costs cheaper, whether that be a flight, driving or train. This means you can spend the same you would on a long holiday abroad on several short weekend breaks. It is much nicer to have more holidays every year - especially when they are to charming places like Fowey, Cornwall!

Get in touch with The Cormorant Hotel today to book your weekend away at New Year or later in 2018! We can't wait to see you!

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