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With such a breathtaking, extensive coastline, you should not be surprised to know that Cornwall has some exquisite seafood on offer. However, with so many places scattered around the shores of the county, you may feel a little overwhelmed with choice.

Seafood on display

We have compiled a useful guide of our top five favourite places that you should make sure to visit. When you are searching for hotels in Fowey Cornwall, we think you should have a browse at what is on offer here at The Cormorant, with many of our favourite places conveniently situated close to our hotel, and our own restaurant means you don't have to travel that far for a fantastic meal. Have a look at our choices below and reach out to us on social media if you think that there are any that we have missed!

Salamander Restaurant, Mevagissey

The 14-mile drive to Mevagissey is definitely made worthwhile by the food on offer at Salamander Restaurant. It is understandable that Mevagissey would have some of the best seafood that Cornwall has to offer, as its harbour was once the centre of Cornwall's pilchard fishery. With the harbour still working and bringing in large quantities of fish and scallops daily, the produce used at the Salamander is some of the finest quality available. In addition to using the harbour as a source of ingredients for their dishes, the current owners are proud to use local suppliers from the Cornwall area.

Mark and Hazel, the owners, have been at the Salamander for over eight years, and have since built up a reputation for being one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. The knowledge of the staff puts you at ease and the dishes on offer will leave you wondering when you should next visit!

Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow

Interestingly enough, the origins of Prawn on the Lawn, a contender for one of the best seafood restaurants in Cornwall, are in London. Starting as a fishmonger in the borough of Islington, owners Rick and Katie Toogood, transformed the London branch of Prawn on the Lawn into a 35-seater seafood restaurant using the best of their produce to create their dishes.

Fast forward to 2015 and their seafood venture settled in Cornwall on the Padstow coast. The restaurant mirrors the style of the Islington quarters, with a menu that changes daily to reflect the available ingredients, keeping the restaurant's menu fresh and exciting. With sustainability on their minds, the husband and wife team work with local suppliers, using the best of what Cornwall has to offer.

The tapas-style format of the menu means that a trip to Prawn on the Lawn is perfect when visiting with friends, so why not make it on your bucket list of food places to try on your next trip to Cornwall?

Sam's on the Beach, Fowey

A stay at The Cormorant is the perfect excuse to book yourself a table at Sam's on the Beach. Its beautiful Fowey location is conveniently close that you will most likely be tempted to visit more than once! The relaxed nature of the restaurant provides the ideal setting for you to unwind after a day out, and the ambience is unrivalled. Although Sam's in Fowey may seem like a one-of-a-kind joint, they actually own three establishments across the area, with plans for a fourth project in the works, so you will never be too far away from their delectable food.

The kitsch style of the restaurant supplies the perfect diner-esque backdrop for you to dive into some of the freshest seafood. Utilising Fowey's harbour, you can be sure to know that Sam's uses the freshest seafood in each of their dishes

Havener's Bar and Grill, Fowey

Havener's Bar and Grill offers something a little different from the other options on the list thanks to its menu offering slightly more than seafood. Nevertheless, it is on that you should definitely check out thanks to its gorgeous setting on Fowey's quayside.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to put it on our list of the top five restaurants to grab some seafood if we did not think that it was worthy of the title. The locally-sourced seafood is beautifully incorporated into each dish, and the interesting menu is sure to tickle your taste buds. The evening menu boasts cod, scallops and a more traditional fish and chips dish that is suitable for those who are looking for a more subtle fish dish.

Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar, Penzance

The Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar is definitely a place that you should consider visiting before it shuts for the winter. Open over the summer season, it is a little further away than some of the other options on the list, but with the Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar being nestled near the South West Coast Path in Penzance, it is the perfect excuse for a day trip!

A sister branch to Mackerel Sky Cafe, the seafood bar is midway through its second season, having opened only last year. The welcoming atmosphere of the Newlyn establishment provides diners with an enjoyable environment thanks to the bustling atmosphere. The small restaurant offers a selection of tasting plates, with a wide variety of seafood to delve into, so pick a couple off the menu to share and experience the wonderfully fresh seafood that they have available.

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