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Beautiful beaches, delightful villages and a wide range of restaurants are perfect for romantic proposals, and Cornwall has a lot of them. On a visit to the most charming of hotels in Fowey, you may have packed something extra special - a sparkly diamond ring, ready for when you pop the question.

Couple proposing in Cornwall

If you are seeking out the perfect location to do it, then we have put together some wonderful, romantic spots. After a fun-filled New Year's Eve at The Cormorant, some time alone on New Year's Day provides the ideal opportunity for you to get down on one knee. We will have our fingers crossed for a yes!


The fishing village is just a short walk from our hotel, and it is easy to see why the place has inspired writers. The meandering streets, stunning river and woodlands seem like the perfect place for a loved-up couple to start the next part of their life, so why not you too?

Eden Project

The tropical biomes of the Eden Project make for a great spot to propose. Surrounded by an exotic rainforest, but you are actually in wintery Cornwall, will reflect the adventure and travel you may seek as a couple. The best place? The rainforest canopy, which provides stunning views of the striking foliage and also some privacy from the public.

Peak Rock, Polperro

Along the coast from Fowey is Polperro, another fishing village bursting with charm and a friendly atmosphere. Peak Rock, at the mouth of the harbour, juts up out of the sea, and the views of the sea and waves crashing around you are amazing. It is not just a good spot for taking photos; Peak Rock is also very romantic, as you can't see the village, making you feel like the only people in the world. Just be careful on the rocks as you sink down to your knee!

Lost Gardens of Heligan

If you and your partner love the outdoors, the gardens and woods of Heligan might make the perfect proposal spot. Once a secret garden, being lost to bramble and ivy since World War One, it has undergone the largest garden restoration and contains lots of mysterious, marvellous places to pop the question, from the sculptures, sub-tropical pathways and bamboo tunnels.

Lantic Bay

A gorgeous sandy beach, with the sea stretching away from it, makes for the perfect backdrop to a romantic proposal. Lantic Bay, near Fowey, is a gorgeous white sandy beach with deep turquoise water, nestled between cliffs. In the summer, the beach sees several tourists, but in the quieter months, the beach is free from visitors. The climb down from the cliff is steep, so it is best to do in good weather, but the views from the top are just as good.

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