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It comes as no surprise that Cornwall provides the perfect place to set a novel. The dramatic coastline, romantic beaches and mysterious moors make it a literary feast for the senses. Literature lovers all over the land can enjoy the fascinating tales that can be told from Cornwall and explore the cultural and historical heritage that remains an integral part of the charming county today. Here are our top ten that make the perfect holiday read for you stay in our Golant Hotel.All fantastic reads to keep you entertained during your stay at our Golant hotel.

In The Summer Time - Judy Astley

This story follows the life of Miranda, who hasn't visited Cornwall since she was sixteen after her family sold their holiday home. As she returns to the county twenty years later to scatter her stepfather's ashes, familiar faces in the shape of a first love reappear to change her life forever. The same Cornwall she knows and loves, but with very different circumstances as her squabbling children, grieving mother and a sister on the run from the press make things slightly more complicated than she remembers. A fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon in Fowey.

A Cornish Affair - Liz Fenwick

Jude suffers cold feet on her wedding day, leaving a respectable man at the altar and her mother in absolute fury, she flees to Cornwall. She finds herself working at Pengarrock, cataloguing the Trevillion family history in a beautiful mansion overlooking the Helford river. The house is a welcome escape for Jude, as she learns of family riddles and lost treasures hinting towards a terrible tragedy from centuries ago. Things take a turn when there is a dramatic change in ownership, which when combined with romantic twists and a mystery to solve makes for fantastic holiday reading.

The Holiday Home - Fern Britton

An incredibly witty novel from Britain's favourite TV presenter, sees the ups and downs of two sisters who have been holidaying in Atlantic House for years. Set on a picturesque Cornish cliff, the two sisters with completely opposite personalities finally come to blows when an old face reappears on the scene. A long-buried secret emerges to bite them in the bottom and maybe be one holiday too many as the sisters and their husbands are pushed closer and closer to the edge.

Frenchman's Creek - Daphne Du Maurier

This 1941 historical novel is set in Cornwall in the rain of Charles II. It follows the story of an impulsive London dwelling Dona, who is disgusted with how shallow her London life is and makes a sudden visit to her husband's estate in Cornwall as a result. There, she is warned of the dangers of a French pirate in the area, who she unexpectedly falls in love with. A tale of many twists, turns and an unpredictable outcome, it makes for a perfect beach book.

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton

When a child is found abandoned on a boat sailing from England to Australia in 1913, a lady called the Authoress promises to look after her - but she disappears. Over fifty years later, Nell is now an old lady and wants to know the truth about where she came from and what happened to the Authoress. A trip back to Cornwall leads her to Blackhurst Manor, where as she pieces together clues her granddaughter shows up and complicates things. Upon Nell's death, her granddaughter inherits the quest to eventually piece together what happened all those years ago.

The Long Weekend - Veronica Henry

Claire and Luca one 'The Townhouse by the Sea' and together run a very smooth and successful business, until an unexpected arrival checks in and her whole world turns upside down. A couple looking to distract themselves from a family tragedy; a man trying to make amends for an affair and a young woman who believes the small Cornish village will reveal the truth to her past are at the heart of the secrets, lies and scandal that take place on one long weekend.

The Camomile Lawn - Mary Wesley

This novel follows a family holiday in the summer of 1939 - the last summer of peace before World War II. The story sees a turmoil journey as the characters learn about love, responsibilities and growing up during one of the most memorable summers of their life. The violence and vividness of youth, the griefs and losses of age the ever-changing nature of life and all the people and places we know best are illuminated throughout the novel.

Amber Scott is Starting Over - Ruth Saberton

Ambers life is turning upside down when her fiancé, Ed, tells her he has taken a job in Cornwall. She says goodbye to her dream job, and move to a big house in the West Country that has more space than she knows what to do with. The move does not get off to a good start, but it isn't long before she's well and truly settled in the Cornish way of life, making friends with eccentric manor ladies and answering the door to naked strangers...You'll have to read it for further explanation.

Millie's Fling - Jill Mansell

Millie saves Orla's life, but was unaware of the drastic changes it would cause to her own. Her boyfriend, who was about to pop the question, promptly storms off leaving Millie to enjoy a much-needed man-free summer...but Orla has other ideas. Gorillagrams, flirtatious bosses and helicopters in the back garden make for a summer neither of the girls will ever forget.

The Shell Seekers - Rosamund Pilcher

This novel travels through time to tell the story of Penelope, and her unconventional childhood, examining her past and the relationships she now has with her adult children. When she discovers a painting that was given to her for a wedding gift from her father is worth a small fortune, she must make some decisions about her own family. All her children have different ideas of how to spend the money, but after a look into her past she knows the only way to spend the money lies in her heart.

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