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Cornwall is a place that captures the heart of everyone who visits and will make anyone fall in love with the sandy beaches, rugged coastline and rolling hills. Book a stay at our boutique hotel, Cornwall, and make Valentine's Day one to remember as you walk through Cornwall's beautiful landscapes.

have a romantic Valentine's break at our boutique hotel, Cornwall

Cornwall can easily set the scene for the perfect getaway, so why not check out our guide that will provide all the reasons that make Cornwall the ideal romantic destination for short holiday with your loved one.

Romantic locations

have a romantic Valentine's break at our boutique hotel, Cornwall

Tintagel Castle

On the north coast, you will find the historical and mythical castle which is Tintagel. A wonderful place to explore on a romantic break, you can wander the rugged paths and feel the magic of the place, which is known for its connections to King Arthur and Merlin the wizard. You will be able to enjoy exploring the ruins of the castle surrounded by the spectacular scenery.

The Tristan Stone and Fowey.

Not far from our boutique hotel is the lovely seaside town of Fowey. You can easily while away a day here, looking at the shops, filling up on a cream tea, taking a boat ride up the River Fowey or walking up to the castle. Then there is also the Tristan Stone. An ancient monument dating to the 6th century, it marks the grave of a noble Knight of the Round Table, Tristan, who inspired one of the greatest love stories of British history. Tristan fell in love with the beautiful Irish Princess Isolde who was the wife of his uncle King Mark of Cornwall. It was ill-fated and their tragic love affair has inspired poets for centuries. A visit to the stone will surely inspire the least romantic person with its magical take.

St Michael's Mount

The iconic island off the shore of Marazion is one of the most popular places to pop the question in Cornwall, and it is easy to see why. As you cross the causeway where a legendary giant once walked, the island will rise up before you. You can wander the castle, see the first spring flowers in the grounds and simply relax in your partner's company. If you time your visit right you can witness the glowing sun bath St Michael's Mount and the surrounding sea in golden rays, the perfect moment for a special Valentine's Day.

Lantic Bay

In the summer, this secluded beach near our hotel is a haven for those looking for a quiet day at the beach surrounded by blue water and white sand that looks like it could be a place in the Mediterranean. And in February, though the weather isn't as warm, the secluded beach is a great place for a quiet day. Enjoy the walk up to the beach, and collect some driftwood and light a fire with a bottle of wine as you watch the sun go down.

Romantic walks

have a romantic Valentine's break at our boutique hotel, Cornwall

Bodmin Moor

The rocky, wild and unspoilt landscape of Bodmin Moor will remind you of Poldark, and the walks you can take here are some of the best in Cornwall. Ranging from easy and moderate to difficult, you can choose the route best suited to your abilities and still see the beauty of Bodmin Moor. For easy routes, try the circular walks Blisland to Lavethan Wood or Stannon Moor near St Breward. For longer walks that are more challenging, try Altarnun and Westmoor or the Minions and the Cheesewring walks.

Gribbin Head (4.5 miles)

The headland just west of Fowey is associated with Daphne Du Maurier who lived for many years at Menabilly at Gribbin Head. The South West Coast Path navigates along the peninsula and combines natural beauty with wonderful wildlife and a unique heritage. Close to our hotel, this is a great location for a morning walk, surrounded by the gorgeous Cornish landscape.

Sennen Cove and Lands' End

Right on the tip of Cornwall, this walk is a decent drive from our hotel, but it is an exciting place to visit. The walk is an invigorating one, as you walk across the farmland above Sennen Cove around the rugged and romantic coastline from Land's End, dotted with sandy beaches and hidden caves. The lost land of Atlantis is thought to lie offshore, and the area is linked to Arthurian legend. If you fancy a trip to the most westerly point of England and a wild walk along the cliffs with your loved one, this walking route is romantic and mystical.


The Cormorant Hotel special offer

have a romantic Valentine's break at our boutique hotel, Cornwall

We have an incredible special offer available at our boutique hotel, Cornwall, to tempt you to make Cornwall the destination for a romantic Valentine's getaway. You can share a blissful time of delicious food and great wine at our cosy hotel, the perfect place to stay after a day out exploring the county's romantic locations. The offer is available on either Saturday 11th February or Tuesday 14th February, and a discounted rate for any additional nights. The offer includes a River View Room, complimentary prosecco, chocolates and flowers in your room, a gourmet four-course dinner at our award-winning restaurant, and breakfast for two overlooking the River Fowey.

The prices are for the two nights mentioned, a Standard room at £195 with extra nights at £90; a Superior room at £215 with extra nights at £110; a Cormorant room at £255 with extra nights at £150. These rates are per night for 2 people sharing a double room.

To book, call 01726 833426

Images by Rod Allday and Sage Solar

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