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the Man Engine could be seen near our Fowey hotel on its two-week journey

The successful journey of the giant puppet the Man Engine over its two-week journey through Cornish mining landscapes has encouraged its creators to announce the puppet will embark on a worldwide tour.

An estimated 150,000 people went to see the Man Engine as it made its way across the county, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Cornwall and West Devon mining landscapes being named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Over the 130-mile journey, the puppet made a number of stops on its route. Will Coleman, director of Golden Tree Productions who created the Man Engine said it had been amazing time in Cornwall, but there was more to come.

"I think myself and my team deserve a quick holiday, but never fear, within a month we'll be laying the plans for the Man Engine to make his way to Mexico, to South Australia, to South Africa, and all of the areas of our globe to which Cornish miners set sail, taking with them the grit, ambition and skills that transformed the world as we know it."

The creators want to take the Man Engine to places around the world where Cornish miners took the industry, but will also have a permanent home in Cornwall afterwards.

Mr Coleman went on to say: "We have a list of 175 locations, across 40 countries, across six continents, where the Cousin Jacks took the Cornish mining industry and our aspiration is that we should take the Man Engine and tread those footsteps."

The overall success of the Man Engine's journey, which has caught the imagination worldwide, has also given Cornwall a tourism boost. Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall, said:

"A spectacular showcase of Cornwall's cultural offering, it has successfully raised the profile of Cornwall's heritage, the iconic Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, and our talent for innovation, to a contemporary audience with great creative flair."

Some of the many places the Man Engine stopped at were close to our Fowey hotel, and there are some fascinating mining heritage places close by too. When on your holidays this summer, why not visit the amazing places and discover the important history of Cornish mining?

Photo by: Jo Cope / Instagram

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