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Access policy

The Cormorant Hotel is set on the hillside, high above the river and our access is steep. The site is a series of slopes, terraces and steps.

The vehicular drive up to our Car Park is steep, and not easy to negotiate on foot even for the able. Anyone with limited mobility would not be able to walk out from the Hotel, but would need to go by vehicle.

It is not possible for a guest to alight from a vehicle directly at the Hotel entrance door.
The car park is a slope, and needs to be traversed as well as uneven Cornish slate paths before climbing 12 outdoor steps up to the Hotel entrance.
(There is a hand rail on the steps)

The nature of our access results in us being an unsuitable venue for anyone with very limited mobility. We have not been required by the Planning Authority to create wheelchair access, and as a result we have no rooms or bathrooms fitted out to the requirements of wheelchair access.

Guests who might need to use, for example, one stick to aid their walking might well manage the site, but generally anyone normally requiring two sticks or other aid would not find the site manageable. We do have one bedroom which has use of a somewhat easier access than the main hotel entrance, and if you need to make further enquiries, in order to establish whether a stay at The Cormorant would be feasible for you, then please do telephone and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Guests who do not discuss access before booking, and subsequently decide, upon arrival,  that the site does not meet their needs, will be liable for the entire Cancellation Fee of 100% of the total cost of their booking,   as well as for any associated room bookings that would also need to be relinquished.  Please also note that, as part of our Health & Safety Policy, The Cormorant Hotel reserves the right, in extreme situations, to decline to accept a guest, whose apparent level of mobility could place them, or other site users, in difficulties,  in the event of an emergency evacuation from the building.   Our cancellation policy would also apply in this circumstance, if you had failed to discuss this matter beforehand, and/or taken no heed of our advice.

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